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Trump sought to keep COVID-19 diagnosis secret Thursday as he awaited second test result: WSJ | The Hill

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Trump sought to keep COVID-19 diagnosis secret Thursday as he awaited second test result: WSJ | The Hill


President Trump
 hid the results of his first positive COVID-19 test on Thursday while awaiting the results of a second test that would later also come back positive, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

People familiar with the president’s health told the newspaper that a rapid COVID-19 test returned a positive result before President Trump called in to Fox News for an interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday evening. During the interview, Trump addressed the diagnosis of his aide Hope Hicks with coronavirus but did not reveal that he had apparently already tested positive.

In a tweet hours later, just before 1 a.m. Friday, Trump announced his own diagnosis after a second test performed using a deeper nasal swap also returned positive results.


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