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Graham, Harrison spar over SCOTUS and Covid-19 in fiery Senate debate | Politico

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Graham, Harrison spar over SCOTUS and Covid-19 in fiery Senate debate | Politico

The three-term Republican senator and his Democratic challenger are locked in a tight race in deep-red South Carolina.


Jaime Harrison and Lindsey Graham have been battling it out over the airwaves for months. On Saturday night, as the surprisingly competitive South Carolina Senate race has reached a fever pitch, they finally met face-to-face on the debate stage.

Harrison accused Graham of flip flopping on his word and breaking the trust of his voters. Graham, the three-term GOP incumbent, warned South Carolinians they wouldn’t recognize their country if Democrats took control in Washington.


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Allen University is a private historically black university in Columbia, South Carolina. It has more than 600 students and still serves a predominantly Black constituency. The campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Allen University Historic District.

Allen University was founded in Cokesbury in 1870 as Payne Institute by ministers of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, including John M. Brown. Its initial mission was to provide education to freedmen, former African American slaves and their children.

In 1880, it was moved to Columbia and renamed Allen University in honor of Bishop Richard Allen, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The university remains connected to the denomination, which is related to other Methodist churches. As one of two black colleges located in Columbia, Allen has a very strong presence in the African-American community. Allen University initially focused on training ministers and teachers, who were considered critical to the progress of African Americans. Over the years, it has enlarged its scope to produce graduates in other academic areas.

In 1885, Joseph W. Morris became president of the University. By 1898, the university reported having a total of 9 faculty, 304 students, and 208 graduates.

Source – Allen University (Updated: 17 September 2020) Wikipedia. Available at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_University, (Accessed: 05 October 2020)