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Rastafari prisoners persecuted at Angola | San Francisco Bay View

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Rastafari prisoners persecuted at Angola | San Francisco Bay View

By Robert T. Smith (aka Kush-I), San Francisco Bay View

In the Old Testament Scriptures, the God in the prophet Daniel’s vision had wooly hair: “And the hair of his head was like pure wool.” (Daniel 7:9) In the book of Revelation in the New Testament, the God in John’s vision also had wooly hair. “His head and hair were … like wool.” (Revelation 1:14)

The evil trick perpetrated and perpetuated by white supremacist forces historically has been to instill a feeling of inferiority in people of other races by denigrating their physical traits while exalting whiteness. This process and practice continue to permeate and corrupt the social systems of the United States and, in truth, the entire globe. 

The crusade to suppress Rastafari religious exercise stems from the fact that the root of this religion sprang from rich and potent Black soil that spiritually nurtures all nations. ONE LOVE.

Featured Image, Comrade Malik (Keith Washington) and Kush-I (Robert T. Smith) at USP Pollock
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