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Meet Kezia Williams, the woman behind #MyBlackReceipt | The Grio

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Meet Kezia Williams, the woman behind #MyBlackReceipt | The Grio

The financial guru and entrepreneurship coach launched #MyBlackReceipt to document the support of Black-owned businesses.

By DeMicia Inman, The Grio

Supporting Black-owned businesses is sometimes easier said than done.

Calls to buy Black echo across social media after a company or brand does something problematic. For example, Spike Lee called for a boycott of luxury brands, such as Gucci and Prada, following a blackface scandal. As these labels are “canceled,” social media hashtags and posts amplify Black-owned brands but are people putting their money where their mouth is?

Kezia Williams, CEO of The Black Upstart and curator of financial wellness in Black communities, got the idea to launch #MyBlackReceipt to have data to reflect trends in spending and support of Black-owned businesses.

Featured Image, Kezia M. Williams, founder, #MYBlackReceipt OBINNA NWOSU
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