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7 Black-Owned Brands You Can Shop at Major Retailers | The Real Deal

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7 Black-Owned Brands You Can Shop at Major Retailers | The Real Deal



It’s no surprise that we take our shopping seriously here at The Real Deal–from finding the best sales to reviewing viral products, we pride ourselves on representing quality products and unbeatable prices. While shopping may not sound like serious business, it is in fact a powerful way for consumers to amplify voices and give legs to important movements, like the critical need to support local and small businesses. Black-owned brands in particular have been widely silenced and overlooked by mainstream product marketing and we think that it’s long past due for a change. Now, it’s easier than ever to support Black-owned brands by shopping at retailers you have already come to know and love.

Black Girl Magic Wine

The story behind Black Girl Magic Wine is, well, magical. Founded by the McBride sisters who were raised on opposite sides of the world, Black Girl Magic Wine is the product of their reconnection and bonding over the love of good wine and an homage to Black culture. Black Girl Magic Wine is one of many Black-owned brands busting through ceilings not only as a female-owned and operated brand but also by being the largest Black-owned label in the US.