Ways to beat the creative blues

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Ways to beat the creative blues

We are a small agency. A team of talented creatives (designers, writers, marketers). And I must admit we all go through all kinds of highs and lows when it comes to being creative.

Even if we do our best to achieve well-defined clients’ goals, we tend to hit a roadblock from time to time. So, when I notice that a team or a team member feels less creative, I talk to them and suggest some coping mechanisms for dealing with these types of moments.


Find a way to channel your feelings

My first tip to anyone who feels like they have lost their creative mojo is: don’t get upset about it. There is no need to add more stress to the situation. Try to look at creativity as a curve of highs and lows. Accept the current non-creative state and channel it into the product you are building.

Walk your blues off

Sometimes the best way to get your creative juices flowing is to get up from your desk, talk to the co-workers, share a laugh and for a moment forget about work and deadlines. When you build a connection with other team members and think beyond your walls, you are actually opening your mind and freshening up your creative spirit.

Declutter your desk

In some cases, keeping your desk free of clutter is the simplest way to calm yourself and be ready to start over. Set aside 5-10 minutes of each workday to tidy your space, and you’ll feel much better.

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