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Racial Profiling | The HBCU Chronicles, Medium

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Racial Profiling | The HBCU Chronicles, Medium

Always and Forever


—  William Spivey, The HBCU Chronicles, Medium

A few stories have been in the news the past few years that are related and obvious to almost all minorities except those with a political or financial need to state otherwise. There is a large pushback, primarily from Republicans, to deny the stories are related and the basic truth behind them.

The stories involve Oprah experiencing discrimination and racial profiling in Switzerland, “Stop & Frisk” in NYC, and the Trayvon Martin killing.
Regarding the Oprah story, I’m amazed at the number of people (not minorities) unconvinced that she might have experienced racism because of who she is. The truth is that every non-white adult can tell you of their personal experiences with prejudice and their dream that the next generation would not experience it in the same way. There was a time when Candace Owens needed the NAACP to fight for her, but don’t expect her to bring it up.


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