Meet TRYB, The Black-Owned Natural Beverage Company on a Mission To “Do Things Right and Do Right By Others”

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Meet TRYB, The Black-Owned Natural Beverage Company on a Mission To “Do Things Right and Do Right By Others”

The startup will officially launch its new line-up of all-natural beverages on Black Friday, November 27, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C., NOVEMBER 25, 2020 — The District of Columbia’s TRYB has officially launched its new line-up of all-natural beverages available in local retail stores and direct-to-consumer nationally. An all-natural line of beverages that are on a mission to do things right and do right by others, TRYB lemonades and teas are crafted with freshly squeezed and blended real fruit, honest ingredients and “a’lotta love.” Inspired by great childhood memories, a deep appreciation of truly natural beverages and a sincere commitment to celebrate the legacies of Black communities.

Available in three distinct creations — Theme Park LemonadeMy Better Half & Half Tea and Peachology Tea — and each made with fresh, all-natural ingredients. The French square bottled serving size 473mL drinks are packaged to highlight the richness of the fresh fruit contained, local artists and TRYB’s commitment to celebrate our shared history. Skillfully designed and crafted, these new offerings are made for consumers who appreciate an authentic fruit beverage experience, with the all-natural taste of each sliced peach and lemon, from a company that proudly wears its social responsibility on its sleeves.




Theme Park Lemonade: Fresh squeezed lemons. A splash of all-natural simple syrup. A’Lotta Love. We crafted this year-round favorite to celebrate the shared childhood memories of the best tasting and natural lemonade on the planet. Perfectly sweetened and tart, Theme Park Lemonade is simply great.

My Better Half & Half Tea: Premium earthy black tea. Fresh squeezed lemons. A splash of all-natural simple syrup. The ideal blend of our Theme Park Lemonade and the full-bodied taste of Black Tea. Modestly sweetened, its well-balanced flavors may be enjoyed by year-round.

Peachology Tea: Freshly sliced peaches. Premium earthy black tea. A splash of all-natural simple syrup. We crafted this freshly blended favorite so that you may enjoy the all-natural tangy rich flavor of peaches combined with our black tea. If you enjoy the taste of naturally crafted fruit and tea, this is the choice for you.

TRYB is available in District of Columbia and Maryland retail stores and direct-to-consumer nationally in individual servings for approximately $3 (retail only), and online in 8-packs for $29.99 with free shipping during their launch. Direct-to-consumer is available for delivery through its online store at


Founded in 2020, and developed by partner in business and in life, Willoughby Avenue, TRYB is a Black-owned company established in response to the growing consumer shift in building genuine brand relationships via an authentic embrace of culture and history. TRYB’s mission is to craft natural and culturally rich beverages that celebrate who we are.

“We realized many years ago that the beverage product landscape is consumed by brands that attempt to build a connection with diverse communities by appealing to specific lifestyles,” says Ross Johnson, founder and CEO of TRYB. “Diverse communities are culturally rich first, and we value brands most when they connect with and celebrate Who We Are” says Ross Johnson, founder and CEO of TRYB. “This focus drives every engagement with TRYB, from bottle packaging to the ever-growing gallery of featured historic Black icons on its website.”


More than 50 million students are enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools in America, receiving a modest education about the significant contributions and accomplishments of Black Americans. An important part of TRYB’s mission is to celebrate our shared history and those who shaped it, so that we may inspire all children and young adults to build a more equitable future for all people. Each year, TRYB partners with grassroots nonprofit organizations who inspire and nurture Black children to live a life of excellence and provide opportunities to help build global communities. As a TRYB partner, these select nonprofit organizations receive up to 10% of TRYB profits.

To find your TRYB, please visit or join the party on Facebook #WeAreTRYB or Instagram WeAre_TRYB.


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