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RN & Cancer Survivor Goes From Making $30K a Year to $30K a Month Selling Healthy Hair Products | Black Enterprise

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RN & Cancer Survivor Goes From Making $30K a Year to $30K a Month Selling Healthy Hair Products | Black Enterprise

Jessica Mosley, Black Enterprise

Tanieka Vance Randall is a registered nurse, bestselling author, international speaker, and the creator/CEO of the revolutionary natural hair care line, Tee’s Hair Secret. She’s always had a passion for helping others, which led her to pursue a nursing career.

In 2011, two weeks away from finishing nursing school, she faced her greatest battle: cancer. During the recovery process she went from having a head full of gorgeous hair to being completely bald and feeling depressed. Although her recovery was an uphill climb, the blessing she gained was a profound passion for growing healthy hair and helping other ladies do the same.


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