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Man, 25, Is The First In The U.S. To Catch Covid-19 Twice, Second Time Worse Than The First | Forbes

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Man, 25, Is The First In The U.S. To Catch Covid-19 Twice, Second Time Worse Than The First | Forbes

TOPLINE Researchers have documented the first case of Covid-19 reinfection in the U.S., casting further doubts on the idea of a natural herd immunity and raising the prospect of more serious second infections.

Robert Hart, Forbes

KEY BACKGROUND Though reinfections with Covid-19 are exceptionally rare — there are cases reported in Hong Kong, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Ecuador — they can teach us a lot about the nature of immunity and inform public health efforts to curb the virus’ spread. Crucially, cases of reinfection give reason to question strategies relying on natural herd immunity, researchers say, and ought encourage those who have already been infected to think twice before  abandoning precautions and going back to life as ‘normal’.


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