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Maya Wiley Enters N.Y.C. Mayor’s Race: ‘I Am Not a Conventional Candidate’ | The New York Times

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Maya Wiley Enters N.Y.C. Mayor’s Race: ‘I Am Not a Conventional Candidate’ | The New York Times

Ms. Wiley, a former analyst for MSNBC, wants to distance herself from Mayor Bill de Blasio and cast herself as an outsider who looks different from past mayors.

Emma G. Fitzsimmons, The New York Times

Maya D. Wiley, a former top lawyer for Mayor Bill de Blasio who has gained a national following as a political and legal analyst for MSNBC, announced her run for mayor of New York City on Wednesday night and immediately sought to distance herself from her former boss.

In a campaign launch video, Ms. Wiley, a political novice, pointedly did not mention Mr. de Blasio by name, but invoked his tenure as she pointed to a “crisis of confidence in our city’s leadership.”

“Some will say I don’t sound like past mayors or look like them or think like them, and I say yes, I don’t — that is the point,” said Ms. Wiley, who is Black. “I am not a conventional candidate. But changing it up isn’t the risk. Electing the same kinds of people, bringing the same old broken promises over and over again and expecting things will be different — that’s the risk we can’t afford right now.”


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Maya Wiley (born 1964) is an American civil rights activist and who served as the board chair of the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), an independent and impartial police oversight agency. Wiley was appointed to this role in September 2016. Prior to her role at the CCRB, Wiley served as counsel to the Mayor of New York CityBill de Blasio. Wiley is the senior vice president for Social Justice at The New School and the Henry Cohen Professor of Urban Policy and Management at the Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment. Wiley was announced as an MSNBC Legal Analyst on August 27, 2018.

Wiley was born on January 2, 1964 and raised in Washington, D.C. Her father was civil rights leader and academic George Wiley. Her mother, Wretha Frances (Whittle) Wiley, was white, and inspired her to focus on progressive issues. On August 9, 1973, Wiley’s father fell overboard while on a boat with Wiley and her siblings on Chesapeake Bay. On August 12, 1973, Wiley’s body was found on the shore of Chesapeake Beach, Maryland after a three-day search.

Wiley earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Dartmouth College and a Juris Doctor from Columbia Law School.

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