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What You Need to Know About Voting by Mail | Shondaland

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What You Need to Know About Voting by Mail | Shondaland

Get in touch with your local office, request a ballot, and, most importantly, start early.

By Nylah Burton, Shondaland

For many Americans, November 3rd will feel like the most high-stakes election of their lives. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic with staggering rates of mortality and infection in the U.S., the threat of the climate crisis, historic protests against systemic racism, and a chaotic government that seems either disinterested or actively hostile to solving any of these issues.

Given the state of the country, voting has never seemed so important.

However, because of the global pandemic, voting by mail has also never been more vital. Congregating in crowds can be dangerous because of the airborne nature of the coronavirus. Although risk can be mitigated with masks (or even face shields), stepping outside of your home or coming into contact with others always carries a risk, especially for immunocompromised folks, pregnant people, or the elderly.

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