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Barack Obama and Joe Biden Join Forces in Video Targeting Trump | The New York Times

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Barack Obama and Joe Biden Join Forces in Video Targeting Trump | The New York Times

The former president and vice president released a new video Thursday meant to cast President Trump as unbefitting of the office, while trumpeting the credentials of Mr. Biden.

By EJI Staff, The New York Times

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. joined forces with his top surrogate Thursday morning, releasing a video of a conversation with former President Barack Obama that cast the current occupant of the White House as unworthy and Mr. Biden as the perfect leader to replace him.

Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama covered several topics in the wide-ranging, 15-minute conversation, including President Trump’s faltering response to the coronavirus pandemic, health care, the economic recovery, police brutality and presidential leadership.

The conversation, recorded at Mr. Obama’s Washington office, was “socially distanced,” as Mr. Biden continues to contrast himself with Mr. Trump, who has only halfheartedly embraced virus mitigation tactics like wearing face masks and staying six feet away from another person. Mr. Biden and his former boss entered the office wearing masks before sitting in chairs across the room from each other, unmasked, as they discussed how Mr. Biden would govern as president.

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