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‘It’s Terrifying’: I’m a Black Doctor on the COVID-19 Frontline | VICE

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‘It’s Terrifying’: I’m a Black Doctor on the COVID-19 Frontline | VICE

I’m more likely to catch coronavirus and die from it – and on top of that, I once got pulled over by police on the way to an eight-hour A&E shift.

By Will Hunter, VICE

One of the questions I’ve been asked most during the pandemic is what it feels like to be on the COVID frontline. My answer is that it’s terrifying.

As a young, Black doctor I am more likely to catch the virus, die from it, work on the frontline fighting it and be arrested under laws introduced to control it. For those of us at the intersection of these factors, something as simple as getting up and going to work now feels like a life or death decision.

Look around lockdown London at the people still working and you will notice that they are overwhelmingly Black and Asian. In my A&E department, the vast majority of nurses, cleaners and support staff are black. Official data reflects this too: in London, people of colour represent roughly half of all food production, health and social care and transportation workers.

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