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Amid pandemic, interest in gardening surges across metro Atlanta | AJC

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Amid pandemic, interest in gardening surges across metro Atlanta | AJC

Coronavirus has people worrying about food supply chain.

Amina Robinson works in customer service for an airline, and while she is grateful to still be employed, the past two months have been particularly stressful.

Most days she deals with people who need to fly, but are afraid to or who want to cancel a planned trip because of the coronavirus crisis. She does her best to answer their questions and make changes for them. She tries to keep a calm, friendly tone in the face of their fears. It is not easy. At least once she has listened as a potential passenger wept because the person was petrified about boarding a plane, Robinson said.

Which is why, on her days off, Robinson heads either to a friend’s backyard where she shares a garden or to a community garden in Mechanicsville where she volunteers.

“You feel their fear and stress, and you pick up on that,” Robinson said of the people she listens to each day. “So, it’s imperative for me to get out and get into that soil because I have to deposit it somewhere,” Robinson said. “(Gardening) allows me to reconnect with something that’s stable and solid.”

By Rosalind Bentley, AJC
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