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Why I’m sick of “woke” culture | Salon

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Why I’m sick of “woke” culture | Salon

The more affluent control the narrative so being “woke” will be hot until the rest of black America gets a voice

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Big bruh, I got these #StayWoke shirts for twenty dollars!” said the dude I’ve bought my incense from for over five years now. His shop is just a little ways away from my neighborhood and he always has a nice selection.

Dude bagged my goods, I paid him and proceeded to walk away as he grabbed me by the sleeve of my hoodie to show off his new merch.

“I’m good, bro,” I said. “I’m not really woke!”

He laughed, “You betta wake up, man, it’s a jungle out there! Stay woke!”

I shot a peace sign at him and left the store.

Everybody’s woke now, right? I wonder how that’s working out? The term “woke” simply refers to not being asleep, not being ignorant to the issues that plague black America—racism, poor schools, food deserts, crooked cops, our broken justice system, unfair hiring practices, and the banks that bury us with vicious Black Taxes like unfair interest rates on mortgages. You know . . . the hurdles.