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Huntsville native named Estée Lauder’s top lawyer |

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Huntsville native named Estée Lauder’s top lawyer |

At a young age, it was apparent to her family that Deirdre Stanley would make something of herself. [mc4wp_form id=”6042″]

“Deirdre was always a hard worker, dedicated to whatever task she set out to accomplish,” her mother, Mary Stanley said. “She would stay up late at night, after all family members were long in bed, to make posters if she were running for some school office.

“As a child, she did not like taking midday naps. Instead she would work very quietly with her paper dolls and would pretend to be asleep when her Mom peeped in to check on her,” her mother said. “If she had a school project, she thought out clever and catchy themes and made elaborate posters, and wrist bands to distribute.”