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5 Black Men Making a Difference in Your Community Today | Essence

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5 Black Men Making a Difference in Your Community Today | Essence

By Noel Cody, Essence

Who says you need a cape to be a superhero? Not these good brothers. They don’t have capes or special names, but they are armed with a heart for change. These brothers from across the country are changing their communities one small act of kindness at a time. Read below how a good deed can grow into a mission. Learn from these men and their experiences and be inspired to become the change you want to see in your own world.

Sean Williams
Like many of his friends, Sean Williams loves being a dad. Sadly, he is all too familiar with the false and pervasive stereotypes about Black men as fathers. In 2016, Sean started an organization called The Dad Gang, which focuses on tackling the negative stereotypes of black fatherhood through a series of impactful events centered around celebrating active black fathers. “We love being dads and we are very active and involved in raising our children,” says Sean. “It’s sad that even today people are still shocked at the sight of black dads out here doing our daddy thing.”

The Dad Gang Instagram that boasts 64k followers, features a catalog of photos of black dads doing amazing things or simply bonding with their children. “I believe that each person can have an impact, even if all you bring to the table is some positive energy and a smile,” says Sean. “That smile goes a long way and can mean the world to someone who hasn’t seen a smile all day.”

Featured Image, Photo Courtesy of Sean Williams
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