For The Love of Black Eden

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For The Love of Black Eden

“I can’t get my phone to ring right. “

“I know that it was working the other day, but…”

“When you come back, we’ll have those cupcakes you like.”

“As soon as you pass the flashing lights…. You’ll see us on the right. Can’t miss us.”

Some time between walking in and the fifth or sixth “hello” from absolute strangers, I realized that I was HOME.

Home in the sense of belonging. Home in the sense of Black Family. Home in the sense of Black Community.

Fawn’s Den is the center of all things Baldwin, Michigan, and its existence isn’t happenstance or irony, as its owners Fawn Coffey Ukpolo & Bobby ### meaningfully created a space for celebrating our shared tastes for richly prepared nightly plates, small retail, wine, spirits and of course, family.

Fawn’s journey from Baldwin-and-back-again is highlighted by a career that spans service to our country, earning advanced credentials from leading universities and teaching. As a U.S. Army Veteran, Fawn committed to…