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Building a pipeline of black male teachers | The St. Louis American

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Building a pipeline of black male teachers | The St. Louis American

High school males of color in the state of Missouri are invited to a free weeklong camp on the Lincoln University campus. The Academy for Men of Color in Education (ACME) will host the Summer Awareness Camp from July 8-12. The aim of the camp is to introduce 25 high school young men of color to the education profession, while providing them with valuable resources to first be a successful student. [mc4wp_form id=”6042″]

Richard A. Cross, ACME Program Coordinator, says ACME was developed to address the shortage of male teachers of color. The camp will allow participants to explore opportunities in the field of education. “We hope to develop a pipeline of male teachers to urban classrooms throughout the state of Missouri and the nation,” says Cross.

By American Staff, The St. Louis American
Featured Image, Teacher Charles Williams works with a student on the computer at Bethune Elementary School, in Philadelphia, Monday, December 17, 2018. JESSICA GRIFFIN / Staff Photographer.
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