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HBCU Money’s 2019 African American Owned Bank Directory | HBCU Money

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HBCU Money’s 2019 African American Owned Bank Directory | HBCU Money

[dropcap]NASHVILLE[/dropcap], Tenn. (AP) — The number of African-American men entering medical school hasn’t budged since the late 1970s, and Dr. James Hildreth wants to change that.

Hildreth is president and CEO of Nashville’s Meharry Medical College, the oldest historically Black medical school in the country. [mc4wp_form id=”6042″]

On Friday, Hildreth and about 200 Meharry faculty and medical students spent the day at Haynes Middle Health/Medical Science Design Center, a public middle school with a student body that is primarily African American. They dissected frogs and conducted mock dental clinic — activities that were designed to be fun and educational. But Hildreth said part of the value of the day lies simply in the children seeing and interacting with Black doctors and medical students.