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She Isn’t High-Maintenance, You’re Just Low Effort | Her Way

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She Isn’t High-Maintenance, You’re Just Low Effort | Her Way

[dropcap]Last[/dropcap] time I checked, having standards doesn’t make a woman high-maintenance, it just makes her a person who knows what she wants. It doesn’t make her a mission impossible, it just requires a bit more effort than it normally would. And putting in extra effort can be a problem to some, which is why it’s always easier to come up with excuses than it is to step up your game. [mc4wp_form id=”6042″]

She is the kind of woman who doesn’t depend on anyone. It’s because she knows to lean on someone in life means to be left without anything once that someone decides to walk away from her. That’s why she takes care of herself and she makes life good for herself. She doesn’t need you to do that for her. She’s perfectly capable of doing it on her own.

She knows her worth. She feels good about herself and she isn’t afraid to show it. But she only feels this way because she’s worked hard on herself. She’s aware of how much she brings to the table and she always keeps in mind that she’s more than good enough. And there is nothing more valuable in this world than a woman who knows her worth.

She knows where she wants to be in life. And she knows how to get there too. She’s a person who constantly pushes her limits and who’s constantly trying. She keeps working on herself. She takes care of her looks and her brains as well.