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D.C. Kicks Off Summer Crime Initiative | The Washington Informer

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D.C. Kicks Off Summer Crime Initiative | The Washington Informer

[dropcap]D.C.[/dropcap] Mayor Muriel Bowser launched Monday the city’s annual “Summer Crime Initiative,” a coordinated effort to reduce violent crime through strategic prevention and focused enforcement in specific areas across the District.

Every year, for nearly 10 years, the Metropolitan Police Department has identified five to six focus areas that have experienced a high density of violence and utilized all available resources, including collaborative outreach, to prevent violent crime in those areas during the summer months. [mc4wp_form id=”6042″]

“We know that crime and violence prevention is about more than just policing,” Bowser said. “The Summer Crime Prevention Initiative builds safer, stronger neighborhoods by expanding access to opportunities that keep our young people safe and engaged, connecting residents to employment opportunities, and ensuring more neighborhoods get the attention and supports they need to thrive.”