7 Nonprofits Dedicated to Empowering Young Brown Girls – NBC News

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7 Nonprofits Dedicated to Empowering Young Brown Girls – NBC News

There are a growing number of organizations teaching girls everything from safety to interpersonal skills. While they’re all a little different, the common thread is that they all create a sense of community for the young women involved.

We polled our Instagram audience for some of their favorite organizations that empower women of color. Here are seven you need to know.

4. Brown Girls Do Ballet
First founded as an avenue to highlight more young people of color in the arts, Brown Girls Do Ballet, a part of ‘Brown Girls Do,’ is a community that provides scholarships, mentoring, and resources for young women of color. Their mission is to ‘increase the participation of underrepresented minority populations in ballet programs through organizing and arranging performances, photo exhibitions, and providing resources and scholarships to assist young girls in their ballet development and training’ according to their site.
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Greetings from the North Insta?!! I am so honored to be the second international BGDB ambassador in Canada ?? My name is Jasmine and I am 13 years old?I am in grade 7 and attend a french immersion school(90% of my school day is in French?) I started ballet when I was 3yrs old and loved it ever since❤️ I started training under the B.A.T.D syllabus, moved to Vaganova and currently train under the R.A.D Looking forward to spending the day with you✨ @the.jazzy.way ✔️Fun fact #1 : in my spare time I like Photography/Editing and using ?Musical.ly ? • Here's an old clip? • #browngirlsdoballet #brownballerina #pointe #ballet #brownballerinaintraining #browngirlsdoballetambassador #fun #dance #instadance #dancelife #song #pirouette #instagood #musically #grade7 #goodvibes #aspiretoinspire #models #show #music #freestyle #smiley #positivity #canada ??#wethenorth ?

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