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15 African Artists To Follow On Instagram Now – Okay Africa

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15 African Artists To Follow On Instagram Now – Okay Africa

Some of the most striking visual art is literally at our fingertips—a well curated Instagram feed can be a pathway to some of the best in what the contemporary art world has to offer. The social media site has made various forms of global art much more accessible.
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The 4th Subject from my ‘You Are Enough’ series is Mimi Fresh @FireMoonFresh. Mimi is my GF’s BFF (and my dance partner ?). Mimi Is actually the first person I approached for this series and one of the last I am painting; this should tell you something about her complex character. She is an influencer who is reputed for turning heads and rocking the ‘@Afropunk’ style before it became popular. When I first met Mimi, what struck me was her youthful energy, free spirit and outlandish style. She is a rolling stone that has worn many hats including, styling, dj’ing, dancing, jewelry design and holistic therapy. Today Mimi works as a holistic health consultant whist studying psychosocial studies and vibrational medicine at Goldsmiths with the view to becoming a counsellor. She also works as Erykah Badu’s European PA and will be on the road with her this summer…. Wall provision @ldn_calling_blog for #sprayexhibition20 #penge  #gyanmudra #spirituality #awakening #meditation #healing #portraiture #portrait #art #melanin #painting #blackgirlmagic #naturalhair #yoga #handyoga #streetphotography #afropunk #afropunklondon #portraitpainting #creativeuprising #youarenough #rememberhome @wokeupblack @biggerthanus_

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