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Sale of Ebony, Jet Opens ‘Next Chapter’ for African-American Publications

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Sale of Ebony, Jet Opens ‘Next Chapter’ for African-American Publications

[two_third padding=”0 15px 0 0px”]Sale of Ebony, Jet Opens ‘Next Chapter’ for African-American Publications

Johnson Publishing announced the sale of its African-American lifestyle magazines on Tuesday. The new owner, a private equity firm, says it intends to continue their legacy.


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“This is the next chapter in retaining the legacy…”

[/one_third_last][two_third padding=”0 15px 0 0px”][dropcap]After[/dropcap] 71 years of covering African-American life, Johnson Publishing is exiting the publishing business.

The family-run publishing company announced the sale of its publications, Ebony and Jet, to a private equity firm on Tuesday. African-American-owned Clear View Group, a Texas-based firm, purchased the publications for an undisclosed amount.

“This is the next chapter in retaining the legacy that my father, John H. Johnson, built to ensure the celebration of African-Americans,” Linda Johnson Rice, chairman of Johnson Publishing, said in a statement Tuesday. She will serve as chairman emeritus on the board of the new company, Ebony Media Operations.
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MONTHLY PUBLICATION – African American Market
Ebony is a monthly magazine for the African-American market. It was founded by John H. Johnson and has published continuously since the autumn of 1945. A digest-sized sister magazine, Jet, is also published by the Johnson Publishing Company.

Ebony was founded by John H. Johnson in 1945. The magazine has evolved over the years; in 1985 Ebony Man was started. In 2010 it began a redesign process to update its longtime brand. In the past, the magazine was persistently upbeat, much like its postwar contemporary Life. Ebony, edited by John H. Johnson, has striven always to address African-American issues, personalities and interests in a positive and self-affirming manner. Its cover photography has focused on prominent African-American public figures, including actors and entertainers, and politicians, such as Dorothy Dandridge, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois, U.S. President Barack Obama, Zoe Saldana, Tyrese Gibson, and Tyler Perry.

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Ebony Media Operations will keep on much of the current staff and maintain its Chicago offices, according to Michael Gibson, co-founder and chairman of Clear View Group. Gibson also plans to keep the monthly Ebony magazine in print for the foreseeable future.