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Palmer Park Art Fair Celebrates the Old and Focuses on the New

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Palmer Park Art Fair Celebrates the Old and Focuses on the New

By Michigan Chronicle Reports

This year’s Palmer Park Art Fair “celebrates the old, while focusing on the new.” The fair had been a popular annual event in the 1970s and was revived three years ago.

Its theme this year highlights the artists and organizers who first created a fine art fair at Woodward and McNichols and gives a launching pad to new artists who are just starting their creative careers.
Seventy-five juried artists wind around the park’s lake and up to the historic log cabin – and they are joined by 15 high school age artists from Mint Artists Guild, a new Detroit nonprofit.

“We had almost twice as many applications this year, meaning that the quality of the selected artists is phenomenal,” said event organizer Mark Loeb. “We even have five or six artists from the original fair” who were selected by the jury to return on May 14 and 15.

The Palmer Park Art Fair is run with the People for Palmer Park, the non-profit group charged with helping the Detroit Recreation Department to maintain and improve the park. Since the group’s founding five years ago the park has come a long way, with activities and events throughout the year.

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