Local Politics Is Where We Must Turn Our Attention !!

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Local Politics Is Where We Must Turn Our Attention !!

By: African American News | AframNews

One result of the around the clock coverage of national level political campaigns is the tendency for citizens to ignore equally, if not more, important local level campaigns.

One of the more unfortunate after effects of Sylvester Turner’s successful mayoral campaign is that the State Representative for District 139 has been vacated. It is now time for our community to decide who will be extended the privilege of representing our community from that political post. I believe that it goes without saying that the individual that we select to fill Mayor Turner’s colossal shoes will need to be qualified, capable, and blessed with a unique understanding of their constituents needs.

As you well know, a face-to-face meeting is the only one method of evaluating the suitability of those seeking to serve our community. It is with that in mind that the Acres Homes & Independence Height Communities are being invited and encouraged to come out prior to both the May 7th Special Election as well as the May 24th Runoff Election to meet the two candidates — Mr. Jarvis Johnson and Ms. Kimberly Willis — seeking the position of District 139 State Representative.

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