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(Fort Worth, Texas) — The city of Fort Worth is rich in history, with many women playing significant roles, and Wyntress B. Ware, president and chief executive officer of Ware + Associates, has done just that.  In 1987, she founded the first African-American, woman-owned public relations firm in Fort Worth.
Ware + Associates, recipient of the 1999 Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award, began as a home office with one employee and one primary goal – to deliver client messages to customers via the most cost-effective channels.

“Our goal is not to become the biggest company,” Ware emphasized.  “Our goal is to really make an impact in the Metroplex as the company that enhances inclusion through nontraditional public relations programs.”

Today, nearly 30 years later, Ware + Associates has grown into a thriving organization, with as many as seven employees, serving an extensive client list from a variety of public and private entities including Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Tarrant Regional Water District, Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T), and Parkland Hospital Systems.

The firm’s longevity and success is attributed to Ware’s philanthropic philosophy of service to clients and the community.

“The secret to success in the public relations world is integrity and service to your clients and the ability to impact their bottom line,” stated Ware.  “If you can’t do that, they’re moving on to someone else.”

About Ware + AssociatesWare + Associates is a Fort Worth-based public relations firm that provides strategic multicultural business development solutions.  For nearly three decades, Ware has successfully developed and executed results-oriented public affairs, marketing and business diversity programs for a variety of public and private entities throughout the state of Texas.  For additional information, visit our website at www.warepr.com.

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