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Virginians push to remember historically black high schools | The Washington Post

NORFOLK, Va. — Vivian Monroe-Hester’s high school textbooks harbored hatred in their margins. As a teenager at the all-black Booker T. Washington High School in segregated, 1960s-era Virginia, Monroe-Hester studied from used books passed along by white high schools. White students, knowing the texts’ final destination, scrawled their animus atop pictures, beneath paragraphs, between words. “They would leave us messages that were not quite right,” said Monroe-Hester, 71, who still lives in her hometown of Norfolk. “Racial things. Pictures of body parts.” But that’s not what she remembers — what she chooses to remember. Instead, Monroe-Hester recalls the joyful lunches, […]

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“It Wasn’t a Golden Age”: Cornel West Says Democrats Have to Reckon with Mixed Obama Legacy | Democracy Now!

Harvard professor Cornel West joins us from Detroit, where he attended both nights of the Democratic debate. He talks about the troubling legacy of the Obama administration and why he is supporting Bernie Sanders again for president. AMY GOODMAN: Let’s go back to last night’s debate. This is Senator Kamala Harris. Sen. Kamala Harris: After the last debate, for example, I went to a place in Florida called Homestead. And there is a private detention facility, being paid for by your taxpayer dollars, a private detention facility that currently houses 2,700 children. And by the way, there were members of […]

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