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What Canada and South Africa can teach the U.S. about slavery reparations | The Conversation

Bonny Ibhawoh, The Conversation Author Ta-Nehisi Coates, left, and actor Danny Glover, right, testify about reparation for the descendants of slaves during a hearing before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Capitol Hill on June 19, 2019. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais). Featured Image merica’s failure to understand, acknowledge and resolve the continuing catastrophe of slavery is holding back the entire nation. Without broad public recognition that the country’s original wealth was derived unjustly through slavery, and that deliberate post-Emancipation efforts perpetuated the social and economic gulf between white and Black America, there can be no justice or healing. Recently, a group […]

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The Truth Behind ’40 Acres and a Mule’ | PBS

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., PBS IMAGE: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. Featured Image all heard the story of the “40 acres and a mule” promise to former slaves. It’s a staple of black history lessons, and it’s the name of Spike Lee’s film company. The promise was the first systematic attempt to provide a form of reparations to newly freed slaves, and it was astonishingly radical for its time, proto-socialist in its implications. In fact, such a policy would be radical in any country today: the federal government’s massive confiscation of private property — some 400,000 acres — formerly owned by Confederate […]

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Why reparations to African-Americans are necessary – and how to start now | The Conversation

Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann, Garden & Gun Five generations on Smith’s Plantation Beaufort at South Carolina in 1862. Timothy H. O’Sullivan/Library of Congress. Featured Image a 2016 poll, 58 per cent of African-Americans said they believed that the United States should pay financial reparations to African-Americans who are descendants of slaves. Only 15 per cent of whites agreed. I am a white woman and I support reparations to African-Americans. I have published academic articles on the issue, including: “Official Apologies.” I am the author of Reparations to Africa and a co-editor of The Age of Apology. In 2005, the United Nations […]

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