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Teen Entrepreneur Celebrates 10 Years in Business, Lemonade Distribution in 1,500 Supermarkets | Black Enterprise

She started a business that went from a single lemonade stand to the shelves of 1,500 supermarkets across the country. 1,500 supermarkets She walked off Shark Tank with a $60,000 investment and Daymond John as a mentor. She speaks at business conferences all across the world—this year alone she presented in Budapest and Singapore. And she’s celebrating 10 years in business. The kicker? This teen entrepreneur is only barely old enough for a learner’s permit. Even if you’re not familiar with the name Mikaila Ulmer, chances are you remember the face of the smiling brown girl who made headlines as […]

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Truck Driver Launches Website To Help Travelers Find Black Owned Restaurants | We Buy Black

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road and the meal options can be hit or miss. The simple act (seemingly) of finding a seasoned piece of meat can turn into an adventure, when you’re away from home. Edward Dillard has been a truck driver for almost 15 years and in that time, he experienced his share of frustrations — supporting Black owned businesses is hard enough when you’re at home and that much more difficult, when on the road. Eat Black Owned is a new website designed to solve that very problem. Dillard, according to Black Enterprise, […]

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This Soul Food Restaurant is Serving Lessons In Black History With “Shoebox Lunches” | Black Enterprise

Patrick Coleman is packing a piece of history into the meals served at his soul food restaurant Beans & Cornbread. Throughout Black History Month, the Detroit-based bistro will offer “shoebox lunches” similar to the boxes African Americans used to store food when traveling in the south during the Jim Crow-era. Because they were banned and refused service in white-owned establishments, they resorted to cooking and packing their own meals in shoeboxes. “You get on the highway these days and you can stop at any restaurant along the interstate, but back during Jim Crow, [black] folks couldn’t do that,” he told […]

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