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Report: Wrongful convictions have stolen at least 20,000 years from innocent defendants | The Washington Post

Radley Balko, The Washington Post Former death row inmate John Thompson speaks at a news conference in New Orleans in 2011, after the Supreme Court overturned a $14 million judgment that accused New Orleans prosecutors of withholding evidence in order to help convict Thompson of murder. Thompson spent 18 years in prison, 14 of which death row, before he was exonerated in 2003. (Patrick Semansky/AP). Featured Image National Registry of Exonerations (NRE) will soon publish the second part of a study it commissioned of its database of all known false convictions in the United States since 1989. The NRE was […]

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Michigan to Pay $860,000 in Lawsuit Over Prison Guards Who Bet on a Woman Inmate’s Suicide | The Root

Anne Branigin, The Root Michigan inmate Janika Edmond killed herself in 2015. (Photo: Michigan Department of Corrections). Featured Image much is an incarcerated person’s life worth? At one Michigan jail, about the cost of a Subway sandwich. That’s what corrections officers wagered in response to a suicidal inmate, 25-year-old Janika Edmond, who threatened to kill herself—and requested help from guards—before eventually hanging herself in a prison shower. The Michigan Department of Corrections settled a lawsuit earlier this month filed by Edmond’s family regarding her 2015 death, paying out $860,000 to her brothers and the law firms that took on Edmond’s […]

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SPECIAL REPORT: Mass Incarceration of Women and Minorities a New Crisis |Black Press USA

Stacy M. Brown, Black Press USA the number of people in prisons and jails in America has slightly declined, numbers released on Thursday, April 25, by the Bureau of Justice Statistics still show that nearly 1.5 million individuals were in prison by the end of 2017. The statistics also note that the U.S. continues to lock up more people than any other nation. And, despite a narrowing disparity between incarcerated black and white women, females have emerged as the new face of mass incarceration. “I don’t think this should be much of a surprise as two of the main for-profit […]

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