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Stacey Abrams for …. Governor? Senator? Veep? President?! The Georgian who is usually sure about everything finds herself conflicted about her future. | The Cut

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Rebecca Traister, The Cut In an election-night tweet, Democrat Stacey Abrams urged her supporters to “STAY IN LINE until your vote is cast.” Three polls stayed open late after some voting machines in predominantly black districts were delivered with no power cords, rendering them useless. (Stacey Abrams/Twitter). Featured Image am sitting in a car with former Georgia House Minority Leader […]
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Teaching Hard History | Southern Poverty Law Center

Kate Shuster, Southern Poverty Law Center are not adequately teaching the history of American slavery, educators are not sufficiently prepared to teach it, textbooks do not have enough material about it, and – as a result – students lack a basic knowledge of the important role it played in shaping the United States and the impact it continues to have […]
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