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American Exceptionalism (White Exceptionalism by a nicer name) | Medium

William Spivey, Medium Illustration by Matthieu Bourel, photograph by Edu Bayer for The New York Times, Featured Image Exceptionalism has been described by historians since the mid-1800s. Definitions fall basically into three camps. 1. Because of its unique origins, born from revolution, America is unique from all other nations. Never having Kings and Queens it had always been ruled by the people thru its elected representatives. 2. America has a unique mission to transform the world and has the responsibility to ensure that its form of government always exists. 3. America’s mission, resources, and history make it superior to all […]

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How a black man says he ‘outsmarted’ a neo-Nazi group and became their new leader | The Washington Post

Katie Mettler, The Washington Post One of the largest and oldest neo-Nazi groups in the United States appears to have an unlikely new leader: James Stern, a black activist who has vowed to dismantle it. (Rogelio V. Solis/AP), Featured Image notifying his followers or even his inner circle, the longtime president of a legacy neo-Nazi group handed his organization to a black civil rights activist from California. James Hart Stern, 54, is the new president of the National Socialist Movement, a group whose members wear uniforms reminiscent of those worn in Nazi Germany, celebrate Adolf Hitler and organize public rallies […]

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