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War Reporters: Thomas Morris Chester | Military History Matters

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FacebookTwitterMailThomas Morris Chester is a name little-known in most households. But Chester was a remarkable pioneer. The son of abolitionists George and Jane Marie Chester, he fought passionately – in the civil rights movement and in the Civil War – against slavery, and later became the first African American war correspondent to write for a major daily newspaper. This was […]
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First Black Oscar Winner Hattie McDaniel Lacks Recognition In Her Hometown Of Wichita | KMUW Wichita 89.1

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FacebookTwitterMailHattie McDaniel is best known as the first African-American to receive an Academy Award. The actress and radio performer has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and her image is on a U.S. postage stamp. Still, most people aren’t aware that McDaniel was born here, in Wichita. Her birthplace and childhood home, at 925 N. Wichita, is a […]
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Introducing a New Black-Owned Line of Ready-to-Bake Frozen Cookie Dough | Black Business.com

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FacebookTwitterMailMegan Mottley, a mother, baker, and entrepreneur from Memphis, Tennessee, has recently debuted her line of Goodness Gracious Luxe Cookies frozen cookie dough at a grocery store in her hometown. The cookie dough, which is ready-to-bake, has no preservatives, and has the same taste as her delectable homemade, freshly-baked cookies! Mottley has always loved baking since she was a teenager. […]
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