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BY   The AtlanticDonald Trump makes it sound like black Americans lead terrible lives—filled with race riots, rampant shootings, and rapid rising unemployment. He seems to think that African American communities are all equally engulfed in poverty. In this video, Atlantic senior associate editor Andrew McGill fact checks some of the candidate’s more presumptuous statements about the lives of black Americans.

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Is Anything That Trump Says About African American Communities True?

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Salon Talks’ Carrie Sheffield sits down with The Grios’ Natasha Alford and civil rights lawyer Paul Prestia
Its not just a matter of whether cops mean to do well or not, but something in the system is broken, said The Grios’ Natasha Alford in a Facebook Live video for Salon with civil rights lawyer Paul Prestia and Carrie Sheffield on Baltimore’s police report, released last week.

“There are systemic failures,” Alford said. “It’s bigger than whether you meant to be a good or bad cop that day — it’s training, it’s policy.”

The report pointed to the failures of so-called “broken windows” policing, which targets people for minor offenses, assuming that the path to more violent crime begins with things like loitering and public urination. Prestia suggested that the problem is not the theory itself, but the training of the officers.

Baltimore Police Department
The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) provides police services to the City of Baltimore, Maryland and was originally organized in 1784 as a “nightwatch” and a force of day “Constables”. It was reorganized by mayor of Baltimore Thomas Swann in 1857, and officially established by the Maryland Legislature on March 16, 1853. It is the eighth largest police force in the US and is organized into ten districts, nine based on geographical areas and the Public Housing Section, and is responsible for policing 80.9 square miles (210 km2) of land and 11.1 square miles (29 km2) of waterways. The department is sometimes referred to as the Baltimore City Police Department to distinguish itself from the Baltimore County Police Department.

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“There are systemic failures”: Broken-windows policing and racial discrimination in Baltimore and beyond