6 famous people you didn’t know are from Mozambique | Face2face Africa

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FRANCIS AKHALBEY | Staff Writer, Face2face Africa Photo via Featured Image African nation of Mozambique endured a brutal, nine-year war to gain its independence from Portugal. The war ended on this day in 1975, with the European colonizers ruling for 477 years prior. The seeds for the independence war were planted as a result of anti-colonial rhetoric and communist […]
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Ghana is producing more female entrepreneurs than any other country | Face2face Africa

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MILDRED EUROPA TAYLOR, Face2face Africa Women working at sewing machines in factory. Pic credit: Sleek Garments Export Ltd. Featured Image rise of women in entrepreneurship is not necessarily associated with the pace of their country’s wealth and economic development as this latest Index on women’s entrepreneurship has shown. The second edition of Mastercard Index of Women’s Entrepreneurship (MIWE) revealed that […]
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Africa Produces 75% of Cocoa But Gets 2% of $100b Chocolate Market Revenue | Ghana Business News

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FacebookTwitterMailFor centuries, the economies of African countries have been made dependent on advanced economies, and despite the enormous amount of natural resources in Africa, over 500 million citizens continue to live in poverty. A case in point is the cocoa and chocolate industries. Even though Africa produces 75 per cent of all the cocoa in the world, the continent gets […]
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