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Shoe Crazy Wine is Made from Love and Sole | Cuisine Noir



Shoe Crazy Wine is Made from Love and Sole | Cuisine Noir

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Stephanie Teasley, Cuisine Noir

Gwen Hurt has always had a love for shoes. “As a kid, I would say, ‘God I know you’re listening. One day I want to have as much food as I want and shoes in every color.’” At 13, Hurt purchased her first pair of shoes with money she earned from her summer job. “I vividly remember the first pair that I purchased,” she says. “They were gold, closed-toe with kitten heels. I had to buy from the clearance rack, but I loved those shoes.” This purchase held a deeper meaning for Hurt, who was being raised in a single-parent household of six, as she and her siblings were each gifted a single pair of shoes for the whole year. “I look back fondly on that purchase because up until that point, we mostly had second-hand shoes.” Years later, Hurt’s love of shoes and nose for business would collide into a successful company: Shoe Crazy Wine.


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