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Imagine a World That Doesn’t Center Whiteness | ZORA

Imagine a World That Doesn’t Center Whiteness | ZORA

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Author Ijeoma Oluo challenges us to embrace true liberation


Adrienne Samuels Gibbs, ZORA

Ijeoma Oluo’s new book about mediocre White men isn’t just a message for racists. It has a message for us as well. As Oluo told me in our interview: “We are continuously building and defining ourselves. If we don’t know what pressures are trying to define us in the world, if we don’t know how the system works, we actually can’t build something separate from it. I want this [book] to be a part of our reimagining.”

Oluo is challenging Black women to imagine a world without a White worldview. To look at professionalism and the workplace without the lens of White men. To fully embrace who we are, unapologetically.

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