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Get Sick Or Starve: How A Deep Cleaner Is Surviving The Pandemic | HuffPost



Get Sick Or Starve: How A Deep Cleaner Is Surviving The Pandemic | HuffPost

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“We are literally being put up against a wall and making a choice between life and death, between working and eating or not working and not eating.”

Ezzie Dominguez estimates she gets around two hours of sleep every night. 

The 38-year-old wakes up each morning at 6 a.m. to head to her first job as a building manager at a local nonprofit in Denver. She’s been designated an essential worker, making her the only employee who is still coming into her office during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Afterward, she usually gets a few hours at home to nap and spend time with her husband and two sons before she heads out to her second job as a contract emergency deep cleaner for a large cleaning company. Dominguez, an immigrant from Mexico, says she cleans six to eight buildings seven days a week, including office buildings, airports and even hospitals ― many of which, she suspects, have been exposed to the coronavirus.

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By Alanna Vagianos, HuffPost
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