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The Privilege of White Victimhood | Dame Magazine

The Privilege of White Victimhood | Dame Magazine

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We’re in the grips of a peak white-pity party moment. And it has the potential to incite a riot.

Being an actual victim of anything sucks. This is a thing we are supposed to learn as we grow up. We’re supposed to grow out of the phase where we get jealous of the attention or the extra toys or balloons a sibling gets when they are sick or hurt and move on to being able to help out in those situations.

Not everyone does.

This past Saturday, Brian Hornaday, chief of the Herington Police Department in Kansas, posted an image of a McDonald’s coffee cup with the words “Fucking Pig” written in black marker on the receipt. The cup, he said, was given to a 23-year-old uniformed police officer and veteran.

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