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WASHINGTON (ABC7) — Lakeisha Brown has overcome many obstacles in life. This year, she was recognized as the D.C. Public Schools Teacher of the Year.

“A girl from a small town who had a really rough upbringing could possibly win too. I didn’t count myself out,” Brown said. “It’s a moment that I will never forget.”

Brown has been teaching at Lafayette Elementary School in Northwest D.C. for the last four years.

Getting to this point wasn’t always easy for Brown.

“I told myself I want to be a teacher that counts every child, who thinks that everyone can make it,” Brown said.

That became her mindset after experiencing firsthand what it’s like to be judged by her own teachers when she was growing up. “They counted me out,” Brown said. “They didn’t put a lot of focus on African Americans, and that we could go to college or push us to take AP classes.”

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