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Several Chicago churches joined forces with a non-profit organization to clear the outstanding medical debt of nearly 6,000 Chicagoans, no strings attached, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Trinity United Church of Christ, Covenant United Church of Christ, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, Greater St. John Bible Church, and more, worked with nonprofit RIP Medical Debt—an organization that purchases debt from collection agencies and forgives or “abolishes” it—to raise $38,000 in order to wipe out $5.3 million in medical debt.

“People don’t know that they’re going to receive this,” Trinity’s Rev. Otis Moss III, who co-sponsored the direct community action with Rev. Traci Blackmon, said. “And it’s my imagination that there will be 5,888 families in Cook County that will be shouting and thanking God that their debt has been forgiven.”

RIP Medical Debt

RIP Medical Debt locates, buys and forgives medical debt on behalf of individual donors, philanthropists and organizations who step up to provide financial relief for people burdened by unpaid and unpayable medical bills. Debt forgiveness is a collective message of care from and for the communities we serve.

RIP Medical Debt incorporated on July 25, 2014, as Medical Debt Resolution, Inc., a New York-based not-for-profit doing business as RIP Medical Debt.
RIP Medical Debt