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Can Stacey Abrams Save American Democracy? | Vogue

Can Stacey Abrams Save American Democracy? | Vogue

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IT’S AN INTOXICATINGLY HOT June afternoon in Atlanta, and scores of attendees at the African American Leadership Council Summit are watching Stacey Abrams, in a simple black-and-white shift dress, take the stage. The air, under twinkling hotel chandeliers, is crackling: Congresswoman Maxine Waters has just declared to the crowd that she is ready to impeach President Trump (to wild applause). Now it’s Abrams’s turn.

“I have an announcement to make,” she says, and the room is hushed, expectant. “We won.” The audience erupts into cheers, and Abrams takes a moment before adding, “I realize I’m not the governor of Georgia.”

“Yes, you are!” several people shout back.

“I’m not taking the oath of office. I’m not moving into the mansion.”

“OK, OK,” says a woman in the audience. “They’re saying that because I didn’t get all the numbers I needed, that somehow we failed in our mission. We didn’t fail. In the state of Georgia, we transformed our electorate.”

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