From Glasgow to Tulsa: A Scot wrestles with his racial identity | The Scotsman

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Early exposure to prejudice drove Eric Miller across the Atlantic to demand reparations for African American victims of Oklahoma’s infamous massacre, he tells Martyn McLaughlin.
He was the mixed race boy from Glasgow who wrestled with doubts and discrimination over his Scots-Caribbean heritage, only to grow into the man playing a leading role in the long and painful quest to deliver justice to those wronged by America’s original sin.

A leading Scottish law professor, whose lifelong passion for race politics and social justice was forged on the streets of Glasgow, is spearheading a legal fight for reparations for the US victims of slavery and segregation.

Eric Miller, who is representing the victims of a century-old race massacre regarded as the single worst incident of racial violence in American history, has become one of only a handful of people to testify before the US Congress on how the nation might make amends for the darkest chapter in its young history.

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