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25 Black Women Launches To Celebrate Black Women In The Beauty Business | Essence


25 Black Women Launches To Celebrate Black Women In The Beauty Business | Essence

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When you walk into a room filled with some of the most powerful Black female executives, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and influencers in the beauty industry, you can expect magic to be made. This was exactly what happened when 25 Black Women in Beauty launched with its first annual dinner, sponsored by Rémy Martin XO, at the Whitby Hotel in New York City late June. It was a night of ideation, commitment to growth, and the coming together of the best of the best to share in experiences. Created by industry executives Cara Sabin and Ella T. Gorgla, 25 Black Women in Beauty’s mission is “to celebrate, elevate and promote black women in the beauty industry through constructive, intentional collaboration and networking while inspiring one another toward collective greatness.”

“25 Black Women in Beauty will serve as a space for collaboration, mentorship and perhaps most importantly a source of inspiration for corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and influencers,” said co-founder Ella Gorgla. “There is strength in numbers, and it’s important that we know we exist.”

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