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When Atlanta natural hair stylist Chimere Faulk heard about Chasity Jones’ discrimination case, and similar stories, it moved her to create her natural hair care brand Dr. Locs.

African American hairstyles have been a huge topic of debate in corporate America for a long time. Not only have there been issues in the workplace, but also in schools and other places in society.

On May 14, 2018, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to consider a lawsuit filed against Catastrophe Management Solutions (CMS) for allegedly discriminating against Jones for her dreadlocks.

Jones claimed the company refused to hire her unless she cut off her dreadlocks.

According to Jones, after arriving for an in-person interview, she was offered the job by CMS’ HR manager, Jeannie Wilson, who told her that CMS could not hire her because of her dreadlocks, with the reason being “they tend to get messy.”

At the time, CMS had a hairstyle policy about employee’s hair that stated: “hairstyle should reflect a business/professional image” and that “[n]o excessive hairstyles or unusual colors are acceptable.”