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Meet ‘Mayor Jim Kenney,’ a 25-year-old woman | The Inquirer,

Meet ‘Mayor Jim Kenney,’ a 25-year-old woman | The Inquirer,

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Sitting at a small desk across the hall from the mayor’s office, Chamarra McCrorey finds her inner Jim Kenney as she responds to dozens of emails, letters, and social media posts each day.

On Valentine’s Day, Kenney received two requests from residents asking him to officiate at their respective weddings. McCrorey wrote back using each of their first names: “Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!… I’m honored by the invitation.” She provided the link for a scheduling request.

That day, McCrorey also responded to people asking for a National Nutrition Month proclamation and someone notifying the mayor about a broken streetlight, among dozens of other messages. She also managed complaints on social media about illegal dumping and litter.

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