Woman is disturbed by her neighbor’s loud music and decides to be nice about it | University Fox

Although many of us may wish for a peaceful, quiet house where we can come home after a long day of work and just unwind – it isn’t always so easy. If you live in an apartment building, having peace and quiet may not be so simple – especially if you have a neighbor who likes to throw the occasional late-night party. However, what do you do when a neighbor continues to play their techno beats at an extremely high volume every single night, sometimes even until the wee small hours of the morning?

For most people if this happens, enough is enough. We are then faced with a decision of how we can approach the uncomfortable situation. Should we knock on their door and confront them? Or we could always call the police.

Well, when one woman from New Jersey was fed up with her neighbor’s non-stop nightly noise and parties – she decided to do something about it. However, instead of approaching her neighbor with anger – she approached him with kindness…and a cake.